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Regent Founder’s Merit-cum-Means Scholarship

The Global Schools Foundation (GSF) has been actively addressing students’ educational requirements through a range of programmes and initiatives. With the Merit-Cum-Means scholarship, GSF aims to provide financial assistance, thereby ensuring that education is accessible to families from diverse financial backgrounds.

This scholarship is aimed at the existing community of parents, new parents and student fraternity of Regent International School Malaysia, from Grades 1 to 13. It primarily aims to assist deserving students with at least a minimum score of 70% or equivalent (Report Card) for past two years and belonging to moderate-income households.

Scholarship ID MYR-RFMCMS-01/AY24
Applicable Curricula Primary, Checkpoint, IGCSE, A Levels
Applicable Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13
Scholarship Tenure 1 Year
Categories CAT A CAT B CAT C CAT D
Scholarship Benefits 30% 25% 20% 15%
Gross Family Income Below 150K MR 151K-180K MR 181K-210K MR 211K-240K MR
Academic Eligibility 70% 70% 70% 70%

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 1. Applicants must be Malaysian Citizen/Resident (PR/Dependant Pass holders/Student Pass/MM2H/PVIP)

  • 2. Applicants must be from a Moderate-Income family as per the above category table

  • 3. Provide family income documents (both Parents)/tax assessment (EPF statement/3 months payslip/EA form/ITRF assessment document) for the past two year

  • 4. Appointment letter and/or latest salary slips, where parent has relocated to Malaysia less than a year ago

  • 5. Applicant’s final year examination (at least 70% marks and above or equivalent grades) of past two years

  • 6. Scholarship Assessment (if applicable)

  • 7. One to One Interview (if applicable)

  • Step 1 : Application – Submit the online application form

  • Step 1A : Documentation – In the application form upload all prerequisite documents
    • – Upload academic records for the past two years.
    • – Gross family income documents (EPF statement/3 months payslip/EA form/ITRF assessment document/Malaysia Appointment letter).
    • – In case of local guardians, the gross family income of local guardians in Malaysia will be considered as a base for processing the application

  • Step 2 : Scholarship Assessment(if applicable)

  • Step 3 : One to One Interview (if applicable)

  • Step 4 : Scholarship Approval & Intimation 

  • Step 5 : Notification– Successful applicants will be notified by email within 4 weeks’ time (from the date of scholarship cycle closing)

  • Note : Applications submitted without appropriate support documents will not be processed

    *** Terms and condition apply


      • The scholarship recipient is not eligible to apply for any other scholarship/fees benefits.


      • The parent of a successful applicant is required to execute a Regent scholarship DEED as acceptance of the scholarship.


      • The Scholarship is based on merit and family income. In case if wrong and misleading information is provided, scholarship will be deemed null and void and this scholarship amount to be refunded back to the school.


      • The scholarship is a benefit applicable for studying only at Regent International School, Malaysia campus only and is non-transferrable. The award of the Scholarship is at the sole discretion of the Regent International School scholarship award committee. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Regent International School scholarship award committee will be final and binding.


    1. Validity


      • (i) The scholarship will be valid for a period as per the tenure specified in the respective scholarship descriptions.


      • (ii) If a student is granted scholarship in mid-year in any particular academic year, then that academic year will be treated as the first academic year and shall be valid till the end of the validity period end.


      • (iii)There is no cash or other alternative to the Scholarship in whole or in part, unless otherwise provided at school’s sole and unfettered discretion.


      • (iv) The Scholarship is as stated and is non-exchangeable, cannot be substituted and is non-transferable.


      • (v) The scholarship is a benefit applicable for studying only at Regent International School, Malaysia campuses only and is non- transferrable.


    • (vi) The continuation of scholarship into the second year will be subject to the review of student performance. Student must achieve at least a score equivalent to the category based on which Scholarship was granted to him/ her


    2. Scholarship Terms


      • (i) During any academic year, if the student is already a recipient of any scholarship/benefit, then the student shall not be deemed eligible for new scholarships or fee related benefits announced for that particular Academic year. In short a student cannot apply for newly announced scholarships or added fee related benefits during the present academic year in case he/she has already received a scholarship for that academic year. At any given time, a student can avail only one fee related benefit, either subsidy or scholarship


      • (ii) The parent of a successful applicant is required to execute a scholarship DEED as acceptance of the scholarship within 7 working days from the date of notification of scholarship results.


      • (iii) All successful applicants (new Admissions) are required to register within two weeks & join the school within 90 days of offering a scholarship or unless otherwise specifically mentioned by the school.


      • (iv) Students who avail the scholarship are required to complete the full term.


      • (v) The scholarship is applicable on tuition fees and is not applicable on one time registration fees, transport/bus fees, uniform and miscellaneous fees etc.


      • (vi) Students who avail the Scholarships, are required to pay their term fees in full as per school terms. The scholarship refund will be processed exclusively through cheques or bank transfer.


      • (vii) Scholarship sum refers to the entire amount disbursed by the School under the said Scholarship.


    • (viii) In the event any scholarship recipient is required to leave the school in the middle of the term, the student shall not be entitled to any scholarship for that term.


    3. Termination

      • (i) In case if partial, wrong and misleading information is provided, scholarship will be considered null and void. The scholarship amount which is already credited will have to be refunded back to the school. The school has the right to terminate the scholarship without notice.


    • (ii) The scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if, in the opinion of the school, the scholarship holder’s progress or behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory. The scholarship will be monitored and the applicant will be required to maintain good conduct


    4. Brand Participation


      • (i) Scholarship recipients are required to take on the role of student ambassador or any other similar role representing Regent International School to give publicity talks and testimonials as and when called upon to do so.


    • (ii) Scholars will be required to take part in community involvement programmes or projects deemed appropriate and/or directed by the school.


    5. Rights


      • (i) Scholarship Committee’s decision is final for allocation of scholarships


      • (ii) No legal action can be taken in disputes in which claims are raised against school as to annulment, revision or the issue of examination results.


      • (iii) Scholarship Committee reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and the current version can be found on the school’s website.


      • (iv) Scholarship Committee reserves the right to modify, cancel, terminate or suspend the Scholarship programme in whole or in part, at its sole discretion, if it believes the Scholarship programme is not capable of being conducted as specified within these Terms and Conditions.


      • (v) Scholarship Committee failure to enforce any provision of these Terms and Conditions in a given instance shall not constitute the waiver of such provision


      • (vi) Scholarship Committee may, at its sole discretion, add further stages to the selection process for the Scholarship programme as it deems reasonably necessary in order to resolve any problems arising as a result of such actions.


    • (vii) By signing the acceptance form for the scholarships, you explicitly agree to these terms and conditions of the scholarships.


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